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Protector (English Edition) von Avery Ford 2017 - Für den normalen Fall, Protector (English Edition) durch Avery Ford wurden verkauft für jede Kopie. Das Buch veröffentlicht von LoveLight Press. Es beinhaltet 211 Seiten und wurde in die Kategorie eingestuft Schwul & Lesbisch. Dieses Buch hat ein gutes Feedback vom Leser, es hat eine Bewertung 4 Sterne von 339 Leser. Melden Sie sich jetzt an, um auf Tausende Bücher zum kostenlosen Download zugreifen zu können. Die Registrierung war kostenlos

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“I never thought I’d be forced to return to my hometown.”Celebrity designer Reed Luxe has the fashion industry on its knees. Making appearances at the hottest events with the right people around means his budding career is starting to attract attention, professional and otherwise. Reed’s been looking forward to meeting the man of his dreams, but he never counted on coming face to face with a man straight out of his nightmares.With a stalker on his tail, Reed does the only thing he can think to do: he hires brooding, muscular heartthrob Logan Price to keep him safe.“Who’d want to love a damaged man?”The last thing ex-SEAL Logan Price needs is to babysit a privileged and wealthy celebrity, especially one who runs his mouth like Reed Luxe. But with bills to pay and business at his motorcycle shop slowing to a crawl, Logan doesn’t have much of a choice. He’s been through deployments and lived in squalor, and he’s got the scars and emotional barriers to prove it, so how hard could two months spent playing nanny be?When his battered heart gets dragged into the fray, it turns out to be harder than Logan ever imagined.“How can two people so different be so right together?”Forced into close quarters as the stalker’s threats grow potentially lethal, not only will Reed and Logan have to face their pasts—they’ll have to face their present. Can Logan trust himself with more than Reed’s safety and win his heart?Protector is a steamy, stand-alone gay romance novel, with a happily ever after ending and no cliffhanger. 56,000 words.Please note that this is the new re-edited version, with 100% less errors.

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Titel des Buches/td>Protector (English Edition)
HerausgeberLoveLight Press
Hergestellt vonLoveLight Press
AutorAvery Ford
Format des BuchesKindle eBook
Seitenzahl211 pages
KategorieSchwul & Lesbisch
Dateinameprotector-english-edition.pdf (Vitesse du serveur 18.96 Mbps)
Dateigröße28.11 MB

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