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A Marriage of Connivance (English Edition) von Natasha West 2017 - Für den normalen Fall, A Marriage of Connivance (English Edition) durch Natasha West wurden verkauft für jede Kopie. Das Buch veröffentlicht von . Es beinhaltet 251 Seiten und wurde in die Kategorie eingestuft Schwul & Lesbisch. Dieses Buch hat ein gutes Feedback vom Leser, es hat eine Bewertung 3.4 Sterne von 445 Leser. Melden Sie sich jetzt an, um auf Tausende Bücher zum kostenlosen Download zugreifen zu können. Die Registrierung war kostenlos

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‘They’ve ruined our lives. And now they’re going to find out exactly how that feels. I’m going to take this little fantasy they’ve decided to live in and smash it to dust. And you’re going to help me.’People-pleasing Ellie and aloof Jordan have practically nothing in common. Except one thing. Their girlfriends, Zoe and Caitlin, are best friends with one another. One day, Ellie is given the completely unexpected boot by Zoe. Across town, Jordan’s getting the same from Caitlin. They’re leaving their girlfriends for each other, after deciding they’ve been hiding from their secret feelings for too long. Ellie and Jordan are left feeling miserable and angry by the abrupt cuckolding they’ve both experienced. There’s only one thing that could make them feel better… Sweet revenge.And despite being polar opposites, they decide that if they’re going to get back at their selfish exes, they might do better if they join together to mess with the lives of the people who have ruined theirs.But as they plot to settle the score, their shared goal unites them in more than just petty retaliation and they find themselves unexpectedly romantically involved. And they have to ask themselves if there’s more to the relationship than just mean spirited scheming. But then again, what if there isn’t?

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Titel des Buches/td>A Marriage of Connivance (English Edition)
AutorNatasha West
Format des BuchesKindle eBook
Seitenzahl251 pages
KategorieSchwul & Lesbisch
Dateinamea-marriage-of-connivance-english-edition.pdf (Vitesse du serveur 23.74 Mbps)
Dateigröße29.48 MB

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